IBM reveal’s the Q System One.


How do you turn a bleeding edge technology into something that is elegant, approachable and valuable for users, even as the technology itself continues to mature?

Rather than balking at the challenge, we’ve embraced the opportunity to be trailblazers for quantum computing, a transformational technology that will change the way we work for decades to come.

Whether it’s fabricating an industrial design capable of housing components that have to be kept colder than the temperature of deep space, or creating a mobile app that makes quantum physics understandable to teenagers, quantum is the ultimate test of our ability to blend design expertise with deep domain knowledge to create real value for our users.

IBM Q team working in the lab to create the Q System One.
Quantum hardware.
IBM Q logo.
Men creating the physical space for Quantum computing to happen.
Zoomed in shot of a man’s hands putting together some hardware for Quantum computing.
A woman walking through the lab.
A collection hardware laying out on a table.
A quantum computing interface prototype on a tablet in landscape view.
Quantum mobile game.
Quantum hardware.